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All prices quoted are in £ (GBP) unless otherwise stated.


VAT is charged at the current rate where applicable.




Although customer orders may be initially received by telephone, they must then be confirmed to the company in writing (by email), whereby Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd. will acknowledge receipt and confirm. Where official Order Numbers are provided, we would refer to the order number in all subsequent correspondence and/or invoicing.



Changes to Orders:

Any request for changes or modifications to an order must be submitted in writing (by email) to the company. Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd. will then acknowledge receipt and respond accordingly in writing. Changes cannot be accepted verbally, nor can they be accepted where the goods are nearing completion, unless such changes are minimal and do not affect the performance or appearance of the finished goods. It must be noted however that in certain circumstances, such changes, if agreed, may also be subject to additional charges.



Delivery Terms (UK customers):

Upon completion of the order, the company will inform the customer as to whether they wish to pick up the goods themselves, or if they wish the goods to be sent direct to them. If goods are to be sent to the customer, the company will appoint an appropriate delivery agent and the delivery cost will be included in the final invoice.



Delivery Terms (Overseas customers):

All prices are based on Ex-Works and customers would be required to pay for all freight, handling and import duties etc. to the final destination. However, should you have a preferred shipper, then we would be pleased to receive instructions from you so that we may arrange with them accordingly. If you do not, then we will arrange one and liaise with you.



Payment Terms:

Payment will be required in full following the completion of the order and before the goods are released. Customers will be advised as to when the goods are complete and an invoice will be raised. All payments must be made by direct bank transfer, the details of which will be shown on the invoice. Please note that we do not accept cheques or cash.




The company reserves the right to request a deposit payment, equivalent to approximately 30% of the order value. In such cases, an invoice will be raised for the deposit and work will not commence until the payment is received. 




Where customer patterns are required for the purposes of assisting with manufacture, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these items are adequately packed for shipping to Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd. The company cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused during the shipping of these parts.




Customers are reminded that Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd manufactures automotive crankshafts and con-rods and does not supply assembled bottom-ends ‘ready for use’. With regard to our line-boring service, crankshafts are only fitted into the crankcase for delivery purposes, proof that the crankshaft freely rotates in the main bearings, for ease of transport and for product safety.


It is the responsibility of the customer and/or engine builder to ensure that the crankcase(s) are thoroughly cleaned and free from any swarf or debris. Furthermore, checks should be made to ensure all oilway plugs etc. are properly fitted to the crankshaft and that following these initial steps that everything else is fit for purpose, before re-assembly.


It must be noted that once fully assembled, the engine performance falls under the responsibility of the engine builder and not Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd.

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