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Our Crankshafts are made from the highest grades of steel billet to specification 722M24/EN40B (or forgings where applicable) and are stress relieved in house throughout the production process before gas Nitriding, final grinding and dynamically balanced.


Our factory is able to produce a comprehensive range of crankshaft models from small Victorian and Edwardian one-cylinder engines, right up to the very large six cylinder vintage Bentley.

Did you know?

We were contracted to produce the prototype crankshaft used in the ground-breaking quad turbocharged W16 engine for the Bugatti Veyron.



Customers are reminded that Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd manufactures automotive crankshafts and con-rods and does not supply assembled bottom-ends ‘ready for use’. With regard to our line-boring service, crankshafts are only fitted into the crankcase for delivery as proof that the crankshaft freely rotates in the main bearings and for ease of transport and product safety.


It is the responsibility of the customer and/or engine builder to ensure that the crankcase(s) are thoroughly cleaned and free from any swarf or debris. Furthermore, checks should be made to ensure all oilway plugs etc. are properly fitted to the crankshaft and that following these initial steps that everything else is fit for purpose, before re-assembly.


It must be noted that once fully assembled, the engine performance falls under the responsibility of the engine builder and not Phoenix Crankshafts Ltd.

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